Our looks

One of a Kind

WhmZcoats were born at DragonCon where I wanted:

An easy costume-it goes over what you are wearing

Cool-no sleeves

Pockets-Many Whmzcoats have them, so no need to carry a purse

Easy for Movement- open front so one does not step on fabric  Adjustable sizing- laces in the back

“Soft” Geek- can choose fabrics to match themes with a hint of something like Dr. Who without "being" the Tardis

Could be worn in the mundane world- something that was not “just a costume” but could be worn on other occasions (jeans, formal, and work)

The Whimsy starts with you!  It all depends upon the fabric and theme you choose.  All coats are one of a kind, and made and sewn by the owner.  In order to be more versatile, designs are sleeveless so that one can wear them in nightclubs, with other clothing, or in warmer climates.  WhmZcoats are made to wear over one’s clothing and go as well with jeans as with evening dress.  Emphasis is made on shoulder and neck line decoration.  Designs are meant to “give” as far as the ribbons in the back so there are always a few inches to spare should one’s size change a bit.   Attention to small detail is essential, as is the lining of a WhmZcoat, because the inside of a coat should be as nice as the outside.  Size is not a problem because WhmZcoat does custom work and can take measurements and make that coat you have always seen yourself wearing.  Empower Imagination! For the World needs more Whimsy, less bullets.


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